Changes to Skills and Industries in Profile setup sections

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I write and fix reports – this may be on financial data, or non-financial things like quality, volume, sales etc. ie i take data and turn it into useful information to assist business owners make better choices and stronger decisions.

BUT Im not sure where that fits into the “skills” section – also my work is accross ALL industries, not any one in particular (although my background is accounting, economics and stats)

Please, can you make some adjustments to the dropdown lists ?

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  1. Hi,

    Based on your description I would suggest using Business Analysis in the skills section of your profile. Regarding industries listed in you profile, this is where you have gained your experience.

    Regarding Industries in your Preferred Business Opportunity there is a listing called ANY industry but this will exclude that criteria from the Prospect Matching algorithm and may result in a lower matching rank. The matching works best with specifics and I would suggest you select the next industry you would like to target or ensure that your profile is detailed enough to gain a high rank without this criteria.

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