Security on the site

Security has been a high priority during the development of the site.  It is always a challenge to balance the usability and security that users expect.  Basically we have use the standards that you find on most banking environments and in some cases even better!

So that means we have:

  • SSL security with 256 bit encryption
  • auto time out if you forget to log out
  • minimum standards for complex passwords
  • hardening of the core installation
  • multiple subdomains to allow maintenance with minimal disruption
  • IP address filtering
  • and a few other mods to help make using the site functional and as safe as practical

Having said all that, nothing we do can keep your information safe if you are not careful with your access credentials.  So please always:

  • keep you access details confidential
  • always log out and close the browser when you have finished
  • always keep your virus software and protection up to date

Finally don’t hesitate to lodge a support ticket if you have any problems and add your great ideas using the blue button.