How to use My Invites to earn points

We have designed the My Invites features as a quick and easy way for Advisors to invite, track and remind their colleagues about the network while earning points along the way.

This feature was included from Version 1.4 and does not require any additional setup or installation by you, it is ready and waiting to be used right away.

Below is a step-by-step process for using the ‘My Invites’ function.

1. Navigate to ‘My Invites’ menu item

  • Once logged in, a grey menu bar will appear at the top of the page,
  • Hover over the ‘My Account’ button,
  • Click on ‘My Invites’ from the menu that appears underneath ‘My Account’

2. Inviting your colleagues

The page that loads is called the ‘Invite your colleagues’ page, from here you can nominate email addresses to send to (maximum of 5 at a time). You can also edit the content in the ‘Subject’ and ‘Content’ fields from this screen as well.

  • Enter the email addresses of those users you want to invite in the ‘To’ field, (Remember: you can invite 5 at a time)
  • Read through the ‘Subject’ field and make changes as you see fit,
  • Read through the ‘Content’ field and make changes as you see fit,
  • Click ‘Submit’ when you are satisfied,
  • Complete the send process by confirming the dialogue popup

The next page provides a report on the emails you just sent.

3. Invitations I Have Sent

This page displays a list of the email addresses that you have already sent.

The status field in the table on this page lets you know which stage of the application process the new user is up to.
The options include;

  • ‘Pending’ – this means that the user has not yet applied for registration (means you can send a Reminder)
  • ‘Applied’ – this means that the user has applied to be registered
  • ‘Registered’ – means that the user has been moderated and is now a ‘Registered Advisor’ (you earn points every time a user you refer is accepted!)
  • ‘Affiliate’ – this means the user has upgraded to a ‘Registered Affiliate’ (you earn points every time a user you refer upgrades!)

From this page you can also send reminders to any colleagues you have previously invited but who have not yet applied. You can only send 1 reminder to each Advisor per day.

Current points for invites

When an advisor you register becomes;
Registered Advisor (moderated) you earn 10 points.
Registered Affiliate (subscribes) you earn 50 points.

Please note, these amounts may change.