How does the forum work?

The forum is for communication between Advisors about opportunities and problems that fall outside the scope of a Referral.

The forum is the place to describe a problem you have that needs solving.  This may be for you or your clients but it is not the place to sell or market your products or services (or your client’s).

Sometimes the line between what’s a Referral and what’s suitable for the Forum is blurred. Remember that you will earn points for referrals and the forum is not specifically looking the best match to your problem.  The rules are fairly basic but the consequences of breaking the rules are that you will be blocked from using the forum.

Some examples of SUITABLE CONTENT might include:

  • I have a client that needs to get statistics of EU rent levels and housing affordability over the last few years.  Great if someone can help. Please contact me through the Network in the first instance.
  • I have an Australian client looking to break into the UK educational market that needs to find contacts to facilitate access to the market.
  • I am looking for a basic CRM for my consulting practice and want to get some input from the Network about your experiences.  I would prefer something cloud based, paid by subscription and easy to use.

These are some examples of UNSUITABLE CONTENT:

  • Invitations to events
  • SEO, backlinking, or related services or products
  • pharmaceuticals, drugs, porn, guns or anything illegal
  • spam

This is just a brief guide and you can click here to access the full Forum Rules and Guidelines

Watch this video on how the forums work