How does one validate email, location, etc.?


How does one validate email, location, etc.?

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This is to explain the Validation Icons on your profile, next to your avatar.

Why Validate you?
Feedback from businesses looking for an advisor is that confidence and trust are important. One of the ways we provide that is the display of Validation Icons for Email, Phone, Location and Credentials without giving out your private details. This helps to provide the confidence to the business looking for help that this is a real person and not a “virtual” marketing gimmick. This is also why we specify using a photo of you and not an logo on your profile.

We manually validate the information on your profile because the matching of Prospects to you depends on accurate profile data.

Email validation is easy these days if you use html email, so no bother there for most registered advisors.

Phone number validation requires us calling you (in a few days time) using the number in your profile just to check that it is correct. Our global call centre is based in the Philippines and it may initially sound like a telemarketing call, but it’s only Rose or Leilani calling to validate your phone details. They are an important part of your support team so please be nice to them, they do a great job and you may be speaking to them in the future if you need help on the site.

Address validation takes a little longer, depending on your geographic location and eventually you will receive a card in the mail with a code for you to enter into the site.

Credentials validation takes even longer and we need to add some functions to the site for this to be pain free, so ignore this for now.

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