How do we match advisors to Referral Prospects?

Matching is based on the relevance of the details in the Referred Prospect and the details in the Your profile.

The settings you use in your Preferred Business Opportunity Profile are combined with key details from your full profile to produce a list of the most relevant advisors for that specific Prospect.

If you are posting Prospects then be sure to use logical keywords for that type of business and their issues that need to be resolved.

You should review the keywords to make sure you give it the most appropriate problem the business needs to solve.  These keywords help in identifying an appropriately matching advisor.  Advisors with a high match score are notified when a new Prospect is approved for release.

Advisors that are a high match to a Referral Prospect are notified automatically by email when a new Prospect is released.  We are hoping to add SMS notification in the future if there is sufficient demand.