How do I know if a Referral Prospect is suitable to list?

If you currently have a specialization as an advisor then the chances are you have clients that need help in areas that you can’t assist.

Why not ask them if they would like you to list them on the Network to find them a specialist with the skills that matches their issues.  An example might be an accountant with clients that need marketing assistance.  So think about how you can convert these clients and contacts that have issues that you can’t solve into Points to use on the Prospects that you can help.  Just be sure to ask their permission and remind them that their contact details are NEVER published.

All Referred Prospects are moderated before release.

This is done either by a Group Admin if the Referral Prospect is within a private group or by one of the Network administrators.  This is trying to ensure that only the highest quality possible of Prospects are released.  In addition we are running webinars about how to select appropriate Prospects for listing.