Exchanging old contacts for new leads

Using Prospects Trading platform, it is possible to trade in old, unproductive contacts and then use the Points earned to bid on new Prospects that match your expertise.

This is best explained in two sections, Converting old contacts into new leads and Inviting others in your local area.

1. Converting old contacts to new leads

We all have contacts sitting in our lists that we know have dried up, either because we don’t have the skills to deal with their issue or we just didn’t hit it off.
Why not give these contacts a call to see if they would like to find another advisor and earn Points? Others on the site with the right skills can bid on these Prospects and you can earn Points.
Next, use these Points to bid on a prospect that is right for you!

Here is a quick example;
Johnny is an accountant and recently he had a meeting with a small business who actually needed a marketing expert.
Instead of letting that contact clutter up his contact book, Johnny gave them a ring to see if they were still hunting for a marketer.
With their agreement he loaded their details to the Prospect Trading Platform. Freddy the marketing expert bid on and won the Prospect and Johnny earned the Points.
Johnny then used the Points to bid on and win a Prospect that Freddy had posted which matched Johnny’s skills.

Using this process, you can easily exchange unproductive contacts for valuable new clients.

2. Inviting others in your area to earn Points

Everytime an advisor you refer is moderated and accepted into the network, you earn points. Every time an advisor you refer upgrades to a Registered Affiliate (subscription), you earn points.
Furthermore, the more advisors that are in the network, the more prospects will be available in the auction system. And this means more leads for you.
While there are a lot of jobs that can be done remotely these days, having clients close to home is preferable. Inviting advisors in your local area, will generate prospects that will be of more value to you.

You can refer others and earn points by sending them your unique URL.
To create your unique URL, simply add ?affid=[your username goes here] to the end of any link to the Business Advisor Network site.
For example: http://www.businessadvisor.net.au/?affid=FredBloggs
Or you can copy and paste your link directly from the Marketing Yourself page.