Webinar on Mentoring

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Training for the Community on Mentoring. To set up and run a Webinar on Mentoring for the community, so they can use the knowledge, skills and tools to develop Mentoring for themselves and others. thank you


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It is very important that in any business transaction values of tangible assets are assessed. It is not only important in terms preparing record of assets but reset the values for tax purposes. This can be beneficial to the business owners because values in depreciation schedule is not always true reflection of market value.

Changes to Skills and Industries in Profile setup sections

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Hi I write and fix reports – this may be on financial data, or non-financial things like quality, volume, sales etc. ie i take data and turn it into useful information to assist business owners make better choices and stronger decisions. BUT Im not sure where that fits into the “skills” section – also my [...]

Social Media inclusion

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It would be useful to be able to include links to twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and maybe YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ For twitter it would be great to be able to import tweets to profile. Also to add blog RSS feed.